Unwanted Albums...

Unwanted Albums...
Authored By John Nicholson
When you are digging through heaps of records, which records do you see all the time, but are never bought? I see the pink ‘Greatest Hits of Rod Stewart vol. 1, an almost unfeasible amount of time. Released in 1979 it sold quadruple platinum in UK and 3 million in USA. so there are plenty of copies around. It went to #1 both sides of the Atlantic. But for a popular record people seem to have wanted to get rid of it en masse. 

A perhaps less mainstream second-hand regular, dwelling amongst the Jim Reeves records on Hallmark is ‘Me myself I’ by Joan Armatrading. You see copies everywhere and yet, although it got to #5, it didn’t sell heavily. No one seems to want to keep it.

And lastly this wouldn’t be complete without Abba Greatest Hits. Released in 1975, it went 8 times platinum UK and went to #1. Even by 1983 it was being sold off en masse and to this day, it fills up the £3 bins (which used to be the £1 bins). If you run a second hand record shop, it must make your heart sink, especially as some people will think it’s worth £20.

I’m sure there are local variations, and they tend to be big sellers (though not Joan Armatrading) let me know. ‘No Parlez’ by Paul Young is another regular. I wonder if it’s depressing? It certainly is as a punter looking for obscure Blue Cheer albums.

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