USA #1 Albums of 1972

USA #1 Albums of 1972
Authored By John Nicholson

Music                         Carole King (3 weeks)

American Pie             Don McLean   (7 weeks)

Harvest             Neil Young      (2 weeks)

America             America (4 weeks)

First Take             Roberta Flack (5 weeks)

Thick as a Brick Jethro Tull (2 weeks)

Exile on Main St. The Rolling Stones (4 weeks)

Honky Château Elton John         (5 weeks) 

Chicago V             Chicago         (9 weeks!)

Super Fly             Curtis Mayfield / Soundtrack (4 weeks)

Catch Bull at Four Cat Stevens    (3 weeks)

Seventh Sojourn The Moody Blues   (4 weeks)

The standout record here is Chicago’s fifth album, their first #1 going double platinum and staying at the top of the charts for a mighty 9 weeks. It got to #24 in the UK too. It’s funny really, in the UK they’re really never mentioned as a big band but in the USA they really shifted a huge amount of units. 

The Moody Blues record got to #5 in Uk and was part of their unbroken run of top 10 albums in the UK which stretched from 1968 - 1981. 8 albums, 3 of which were #1. Seventh Sojourn was their first #1 in USA, 1981’s Long Distance Voyager would also top the Billboard 200.

That aside, the singer-songwriter age was well and truly in fashion. How funny that America displaced Neil Young at the top when on Horse With No Name they were accused of basically copying him. Nice to see Tull top the listings for a couple of weeks. They were really pulling big audiences by this time in the USA.

As we often see in these lists of chart topper,s pretty much every record is now hailed as an all-time classic. We cannot say that of today's chart-toppers, I fear. 


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