Yes - Sweetness b/w Something's Coming

Yes - Sweetness b/w Something's Coming
Authored By Johnny Blogger

Yes's debut single emerged, blinking into the sunlight on Atlantic Records, and to general indifference, on 29th September 1969. You could not have guessed from this 3-minute outing that Yes would become famous for long excursions into the land of prog rock. It's got nice harmonies and is all very pleasant, but with none of what would soon become their musical trademarks.

It wasalso on their eponymous debut album which had been released in July that year, however the 'b' side, the Leonard Bernstein classic wasn't and was over 7 minutes long. It is a rollicking version of the song and very much gives you a flavour of what Yes would become once Peter Bank and Tony Kaye had left.

As it never sold any, it's rare old thing. As far as I can tell, it only came out in UK and France and in France it came in the picture sleeve. People sell this for up to £40.

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