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Who is Johnny the Blogger?

Johnny is a well-known writer in the UK with many strings to his literary guitar. In 2010 his book about the culture of football in...

What is DJTees?

“Ah… Good Old Classic Rock!” To many of us, classic rock is Proper Rock. Sometimes old, sometimes new, but always great. It’s about the vinyl...

Recent Additions - The Year T-shirts

DJTees boss John Nicholson brings a rock ‘n’ roll attitude to his novels.
They’re packed full of obscure references to records, one of the main characters runs and second hand record store and his protagonist, Nick Guymer, is a record collector.
They’ve been called ‘funny, emotional and action-packed’.
His other creation, Artie Taylor is rock photographer in California living a rootless life in La-La land and getting caught up in all sorts of scams and crimes.
The covers are all designed by Dawn, who also designs all the DJTees t-shirts. Anyone who loves crime and mystery books and has a passion for rock ‘n’ roll will love them.


Something is happening here… but you don’t know what it is. It’s May 17, 1966 and Bob Dylan is playing Manchester Free Trade Hall. He is...

1970 saw the Fillmore East really peak as a venue and a series of legendary shows by the Grateful Dead, the Allman Brothers and...

John Nicholson – Writer of the Nick Guymer Crime Series Teesside Steal is set in Teesside and North Yorkshire and is the first in...

His admirers and collaborators have included Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, Dave Gilmour, Ian Anderson, Paul McCartney and Kate Bush. His fingerpicking acoustic style is...