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To many of us, classic rock is Proper Rock. Sometimes old, sometimes new, but always great. It’s about the vinyl records, the gigs, the instruments, the guitars, the venues, the festivals and, of course, it’s about the t-shirts as well. DJTees is a celebration of all things classic rock, past, present and future. It’s our life blood. That’s why we have a weekly top 10 vinyl playlist and Johnny’s huge History Of Classic Rock Project blog alongside all our original t-shirts. We are no mere off-the-shelf, mass-produced merchandise purveyor and frankly, we don’t even mind if you don’t buy a t-shirt, because when all is said done, t-shirts or no t-shirts, it’s all about the music. It’s the music that matters. It’s the music that will survive. Rock on!




Johnny’s Weekly Vinyl Playlist

  1. Muddy Waters – Hard Again
  2. BB King – Six Silver Strings
  3. Allan Holdsworth – I.O.U.
  4. Spirit – Spirit
  5. Van Morrison – Best Of
  6. Yes – Union
  7. Blue Oyster cult – Cultosaurus Erectus
  8. Neil Young And Crazy Horse – Live Rust
  9. The Band – The Last Waltz
  10. Nick Drake – Bryter Layter
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We know that these days,’free music’ usually involves a soulless download, something called peer-to-peer, or worse, iTunes or Amazon

Yeah well, get outta here – we don’t do that. We’re classic rock. We’re old school. Here at DJTees’free music’ means I bought it and I’m giving it away to you for nothing. Why? Because DJTees is all about the music. Yeah, we design and sell our own t-shirts, but it’s really not about t-shirts at all, it’s definitely all about the music. It’s my passion, I’ve got loads of it and I’m happy to share it around.

So every couple of weeks there’ll be one free vinyl record, one free CD and one free DVD for you to win. All you have to do is fill in the details here and say which items you’d like. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, we’ll send it out. 3 names will be picked at random, one for each item. We’ll let you know if you were one of the lucky ones.

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There is no more beautiful sound in pop than the jangling, sad sunshine of a well played 12-string. And the Rickenbacker is the undisputed queen of those guitars. It is truly one of the instruments of rock.

John Lennon began a love affair with Rickenbacker guitars in 1960, when he bought a six-string Model 325 Rickenbacker. He played the blonde-coloured guitar on all the Beatles recordings until early 1964 – listen for the rhythm track on ‘All My Loving’ for a definitive example of the sound. You can see it in concerts from this period; it was repainted black after a while: this is the incarnation you can see on the footage of The Ed Sullivan Show. John later owned three other Rickenbackers – these early ones were all conventional six strings – and eventually got a unique 12-string.

But it was his fellow Beatle, George, who was perhaps more associated with the Rickenbacker sound. He owned the second 360 model 12-string ever made by the company. The first one – and if this ever comes up in a pub quiz, you owe Rock Solid a pint – was sold by Rickenbacker CEO FC Hall to a Country and Western artist from Las Vegas called Suzi Arden.

These 12-strings featured the ingenious arrangement of putting the machine heads at alternate right angles, allowing the 12 tuners to fit on the headstock. They were lovely instruments, with the neck running all the way down into the body, as was the Rickenbacker way, and the finish carrying all the way up the neck and onto the headstock.

It is this instrument that you can hear on classic 12-string Beatles songs like ‘Eight Days A Week’ and ‘A Hard Day’s Night’. The group became so closely associated with the firm that adverts for the Model 1996 in the UK offered for sale ‘The Beatlebacker’. In 1965, on tour, a Minnesota radio station presented George with another 12-string Rickenbacker; he used this for some years but it was stolen after the famous final concert in Candlestick Park.

And it was the film of A Hard Day’s Night that inspired undoubtedly the most-celebrated of all the 12-string players: Roger McGuinn. He saw the guitar in the movie and knew he had to have it, and that he would make music to utilise its lovely, unique sound to the full. As Roger himself said:

“The Byrds’ sound would have been impossible without the invention of the Rickenbacker twelve string electric guitar.”

Those two ‘Toaster’ pick-ups and the synchronised octaves that each pair of strings produced lead to that unmistakeable jangly, bell-like sound of the Byrds. Soon, other bands were also catching on to the possibilities: Tom Petty and Mike Campbell of the Heartbreakers, Pete Townshend of The Who, John Fogerty of CCR, Paul Kantner of Jefferson Airplane, Brian Jones of The Stones, Carl Wilson of The Beach Boys… all found a use for the 12-string Rickenbacker.

The instrument’s popularity faded somewhat in the Seventies, the Toaster pick-up not being suited for the high-gain sounds of hard rock, but they enjoyed a resurgence – especially in the UK – with jangle pop sounds more recently. Johnny Marr, a real guitarists’ guitarist, proudly displays the 12-string he used for the strange and lovely Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others on his website. Once saw an interview with Johnny where he said that he knew it was time for The Smiths to call it a day when he wrote that soaring, majestic guitar part and Morrissey came back with lyrics about “some girls’ mothers are bigger than other girls’ mothers.”

Thankfully for lovers of beautiful instruments everywhere, Marr didn’t clunk him round the head with the 12-string.

The Rickenbacker is still the guitar that indie guitar bands turn to when they don’t want to be hard-core rock but still want to look cool…and it probably always will be.

About the Author
John Nicholson

John Nicholson

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Johnny is a writer and a rocker. The author of the Nick Guymer crime series and the Artie Taylor mysteries. He is also a record collector and spends his days sitting in a large padded chair surrounded by 4000 albums.

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DJTees was established in 2002 by combining the DNA-deep knowledge and belief in Classic Rock of John Nicholson (known to customers and fans alike as ‘The Boss’) with his partner Dawn Rossiter’s talent as an artist & designer.
Together they revolutionised the world of music t-shirts. Working alongside some of rock n roll’s finest and most legendary photographers such as Jorgen Angel, Jan Persson, Keith Morris, Tony Mottram, Steve Goudie and many more, driven by a genuine excitement and passion for the music and culture of classic rock, they created a body of work admired the world over for more than a decade. Worn in movies, TV shows and by rock n roll musicians such as Slash, but more importantly by real Classic Rock fans, their look was distinctive and unique.
In 2012, they sold their company to pursue writing and art. John is now a successful novelist and Dawn a painter with a growing reputation, but now, they’re back on board as advisors and designers, tasked with reshaping DJTees and bringing their core rock n roll spirit and energy back to the party.
DJTees owner Paul Hobbs says ‘We asked John and Dawn on board to help us develop DJTees because they are quite simply a unique partnership. Their talent, passion and encyclopaedic knowledge of classic rock is second-to-none. I mean, have you seen how many vinyl records that dude has!? Dawn’s designs and John’s humour and their love of classic rock music will bring fun, energy and originality to DJTees.’John says this about their return.
“The t-shirt world has changed a lot since we started DJTees in 2002, but great rock n roll is still great rock n roll. For us, this business was always about the art. We’re not for the fashion-obsessed, for whom music is a mere lifestyle accessory. We’re not about the short term or the cynical, we’re not about mass-produced merchandise, our thing always was and still is all about expressing enduring love of the music, love of the musicians, and love of the culture of Classic Rock. That’s our roots, man. Classic Rock isn’t called classic for nothing and it sure as hell isn’t called rock for no reason, either.
We stand for Classic Rock and that means we stand against the fake, the fashionable and the faddish. I have a beard not because I’m some sort of self-conscious hipster, but because I’m scruffy and lazy. That’s the vibe we bring to this gig and, in truth, we have no choice. This isn’t just what we like, it’s who we are.”

Jorgen Angel

A true legend of rock photography. There is simply no over-stating his importance in the iconography of rock ‘n’ roll. He photographed the very first ever Led Zeppelin gig and subsequently worked with them on many other occasions. Jimmy Page chose the legendary ‘swoosh’ photo that Jorgen took of him as one of his favourite photographs ever! As such, it was included in Jimmy’s own book and as a result, Jimmy flew him to London and he was granted a private audience with the great man.

But Zeppelin aside, Jorgen was at the cutting edge of the classic rock era. He photographed Deep Purple Mk3 after their first ever gig together. He shot one of Jimi Hendrix’s last ever shows. He toured with Uriah Heep and even went to stay with The Who’s bass man, John Entwistle.

His photographs have an exciting, naturalistic, organic quality to them. They feel alive and expressive and very human. They capture the spirit of those early days of rock so well. This was before the bands were shielded from the public, back when it was much more about the music than the money. They were more simple, more innocent times. In fact, in the early 80s, when rock music was becoming a massive corporate business and taking photographs of musicians became harder work and a lot more hassle, Jorgen simply quit.

Considering his status in the Premier League of rock photographers, you just couldn’t meet a more humble, easy-going chap and his photos are omnipresent in all the rock magazines. He has had major exhibitions in Denmark and beyond. His images are simply an important part of the warp and weft of rock n’ roll history.

For us to have his archive of pictures to work into t-shirt designs for over a decade has always been a huge privilege, but to actually call him a friend has been a bigger one.

About the Author
John Nicholson

John Nicholson

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Johnny is a writer and a rocker. The author of the Nick Guymer crime series and the Artie Taylor mysteries. He is also a record collector and spends his days sitting in a large padded chair surrounded by 4000 albums.

John Nicholson's Books     -    DJTees T-shirts that Rock!

T-shirt designs based on Photographs by Jorgen Angel


Jan Persson

Jan is an important elder statesman of music photography. Born 1943 in Copenhagen, he has been working as a photographer for over 50 years and his work has been used for more than 1000 album covers and has appeared in many more magazines, newspapers and on television all over the world for the last half a century.
He is a really important figure in the documenting of both rock and jazz in the last 50 years. He shot the Beatles, Dylan, Janis, Hendrix, Frank Zappa, the Stones, Leonard Cohen, the Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane and so many, many more. But it doesn’t stop there.
His jazz work is so legendary that the University of Aalborg acquired the whole collection for part of its Centre For Danish Jazz History and you can see his photos on album covers of everyone from Count Basie to John Coltrane, Miles Davis and Thelonious Monk. This is a special guy with a special talent.
His work often captures the iconic nature of many of the musicians, with an artistic, rather than pure documentary quality. The shots he takes are full of art and thought.
You’ll know his work, because loads of classic rock images come courtesy of Jan’s lens, whether it’s the shot of Keith Richards in sunglasses, Dylan on stage or Frank Zappa reclining in an armchair having a smoke, you’ll know them, but chances are, you won’t have known who took them until now.
Still working to this day and with exhibitions in LA, New York and his native Copenhagen under his belt, Jan is photographic royalty and when he presented me with a copy of his fantastic book of rock photographs, it was a huge honour. The fact that we have his shots to work on for t-shirt designs is every bit as fantastic.

About the Author
John Nicholson

John Nicholson

Facebook Twitter Google+

Johnny is a writer and a rocker. The author of the Nick Guymer crime series and the Artie Taylor mysteries. He is also a record collector and spends his days sitting in a large padded chair surrounded by 4000 albums.

John Nicholson's Books     -    DJTees T-shirts that Rock!

Some T-shirt designs based on Photographs by Jan Persson


Tony Mottram

Tone is legendary. I mean, he really is. Sit him down and he’ll start a story with the sentence “I was once on tour in South America with Iron Maiden…” and off he’ll go on a sex and drugs and rock ‘n’ roll anecdote that will make your hair curl. Which is exactly as it should be. He’s been there, seen it and done and now through DJTees, he’s got the t-shirt.

Very much from the school of to-shoot-it-you’ve-got-to-live-it, Tony started his career in the late 70s shooting punk and then heavy metal bands. His work appeared in every major music publication, but perhaps he’ll be most fondly remembered for his work in in Sounds, RAW and Metal Hammer back when he was forever on the road with one bunch of long-haired reprobates or another.

From his studio in the 1980s emerged wonderfully sensitive and yet tough portrait photos of all the rock stars of the day, as well as a massive portfolio of live shots too. Who’s he photographed? Everyone. Everyone from Johnny Cash to Nirvana, to Ozzy, REM, Buddy Guy, Deep Purple, Pat Travers, Iron Maiden, AC/DC, Metallica, Aerosmith, Manic Street Preachers, Prince, Lemmy, Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Ray Vaughan and the Black Crowes. He even shot Guns ‘n’ Roses first UK Show at the Marquee in 1987. He counted many rockers as friends, especially Ronnie James Dio, who he worked with on the Holy Diver video back in 1983.

These days, when he’s not taking photos, he’s playing bass in cracking R & B band 58 Deluxe. Still full of huge passion and enthusiasm for the music and the people who make it, Tony remains a proper rock and roll man.

About the Author
John Nicholson

John Nicholson

Facebook Twitter Google+

Johnny is a writer and a rocker. The author of the Nick Guymer crime series and the Artie Taylor mysteries. He is also a record collector and spends his days sitting in a large padded chair surrounded by 4000 albums.

John Nicholson's Books     -    DJTees T-shirts that Rock!

Some T-shirt designs based on Photographs by Tony Mottram


Steve Goudie

A hard-working, rock ‘n’ roll man to his bones, when it comes to taking photographs of rock and pop stars, this dude is as good as it gets today.

Steve has been at the top of his profession for the better part of 20 years. A guitarist with a proper rock ‘n’ roll history behind him, he’s one of the go-to guys for live photography, which is why major record labels, bands and publications queue at his door to work with him.

He has an utterly staggering CV of people that he’s photographed. Check these out – and this is just a few of them!

ZZ Top, Whitesnake, Thin Lizzy and Motley Crue, The Who, Joe Satriani, Peter Frampton, Bruce Springsteen, Kiss, Iron Maiden, U2, The Police, Taylor Swift, Paul McCartney, Bon Jovi, Oasis, BB King, Rihanna, The Foo Fighters, Elton John, Lady Gaga, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, Katy Perry, Queen, Usher, Slash and the Eagles.

Basically, if they’ve played live in the last 20 years, Steve will almost certainly have photographed them and what’s more, after so long in the business, because he’s super professional, super good and a stand-up bloke, he can call of lot of these rock stars friends.

Sometimes, when Steve’s photos drop into my inbox I genuinely find them staggering. They’re not merely naturalistic representations, rather, they have an almost hyper-realism to them, which perfectly expresses the kinetic power of an artist live on stage. His ability to balance space and darkness with light and colour, is second to none. His photos simply breathe.

An expert in his field and a purveyor of his own unique kind of visual poetry, it’s a pleasure and an honour to work with someone who delivers the goods time and time again.

About the Author
John Nicholson

John Nicholson

Facebook Twitter Google+

Johnny is a writer and a rocker. The author of the Nick Guymer crime series and the Artie Taylor mysteries. He is also a record collector and spends his days sitting in a large padded chair surrounded by 4000 albums.

John Nicholson's Books     -    DJTees T-shirts that Rock!

Some T-shirt designs based on Photographs by Steve Goudie


Blues is a healer

Rock ‘n’ roll ain’t noise pollution

Feel like letting my freak flag fly

You’ve gotta get in to get out

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss

You don’t need a weather man to know which way the wind blows

All the years combine, they melt into a dream

Dark star crashes, pouring its light into ashes

Inside everyone is a heavy metal kid

They call me the breeze I keep blowing down the road

Life gets mighty precious when there’s less of it to waste