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Johnny's Daily Record

Cream's classic 1968 half live, half studio record, Wheels of Fire is an album I return to all of the time. I even listen...

Johnny's Dairy

I've had a hell of a busy week. As a member of the Fosters Comedy Awards panel at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, I've been...

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Nick Guymer No.9 – Out Now on Kindle from Amazon

Teesside Shadows is a book about healing, hypnosis, hometown heroes and a bee-keeping Elvis impersonator.  It is set on the streets of Stockton, Roseworth, Upper Teesdale and Middlesbrough town centre.

Coming Soon in Paperback!


The Toronto Rock and Roll Revival was held at Varsity Stadium, at the University of Toronto, to an audience of over 20,000. The originally...

Vinyl Culture

When Fairport started out with this album, they were seen as a kind of British Jefferson Airplane. Judy Dyble was on vocals, not Sandy...



John Nicholson – Writer of the Nick Guymer Crime Series Teesside Steal is set in Teesside and North Yorkshire and is the first in...

Johnny's Rock Blogs

Few British bands of the Seventies have been as under-rated as The Sweet. They released their best LP, Desolation Boulevard, in 1974: that year, Bowie did...