Dawn and John - The DJTees Originators

Dawn and John - The DJTees Originators
Authored By Johnny Blogger

DJTees was established in 2002 by combining the DNA-deep knowledge and belief in classic rock of John Nicholson (known to customers and fans alike as 'The Boss') with his partner, Dawn Rossiter's talent as an artist & designer.

Together they revolutionised the world of t-shirts. Working alongside some of rock n roll's finest and most legendary photographers such as Jorgen Angel, Jan Persson, Keith Morris, Tony Mottram, Ami Barwell, Steve Goudie and many more, driven by a genuine excitement and passion for the music and culture of classic rock, they created a body of work admired the world over for more than a decade. Worn in movies, TV shows and by rock n roll musicians such as Slash, but more importantly by real classic rock fans, their look was distinctive and unique.

In 2012, they decided topursue writing and art. John is now a hugely successful novelist and Dawn a painter with a growing reputation, but in 2015, they brought their core rock n roll spirit and energy back to the DJTees party, doing what they do best; creating iconic t-shirts and celebrating classic rock culture.

John says;

The t-shirt world has changed a lot since we started DJTees in 2002, but great rock n roll is still great rock n roll. For us, this business was always about the art. We're not for the fashion-obsessed, for whom music is a mere lifestyle accessory. We're not about the short term or the cynical, we're not about mass-produced merchandise, our thing always was and still is all about expressing enduring love of the music, love of the musicians, and love of the culture of Classic Rock. That's our roots, man. Classic rock isn't called classic for nothing and it sure as hell isn't called rock for no reason, either. Look at the website, it's full oforiginal writing, books and t-shirts. It's all an original expression of our passion and our art.
We're proud to absolutelystand for classic rock and that means we stand against the fake, the fashionable and the faddish. We're for older people. We're proud of that too. We're tired of the world revolving around the young. Our generation created rock n roll: it's our gig and we're still rockin' it. That's the vibe we bring and, in truth, we have no choice. This isn't just what we like, it's who we are.

Dawn and John - The DJTees Originators

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