Day on the Green, Oakland Coliseum, California 3rd August 1975.

Day on the Green, Oakland Coliseum, California 3rd August 1975.
Authored By John Nicholson

Held at the huge Oakland Stadium with tens of thousands sitting in baking sun, the Day of the Green gigs had started in 1973 and ran until the early 90s. The 70s were their heyday with incredible bills of top rock bands. The brainchild of legendary promoter Bill Graham, the man behind the Fillmore East and West, there would be several each summer and in August 1975 the third show of the year was billed as “The British Are Coming” and “The Invasion of the British.” 

This was something of a stretch when actually all but one of the bands on the bill had relocated to the USA and had band members that comprised of a lot of Americans. However, it was a nice tagline.

The bill was Robin Trower, Peter Frampton, Dave Mason, Fleetwood Mac, Gary Wright (ex Spooky Tooth) which let’s face it looks like a bloody fantastic gig. It was a massively popular draw with reports of over 75,000 being the unofficial attendance figure. 

The gig was preserved for posterity on the cover of Robin Trower’s Live album. The photo shot from behind the stage revealed the huge exposed bowl of people. 

Frampton was popular in San Francisco and could always sell out Winterland (which was where the live album was partly laid down) but in 1975 he was still to release Comes Alive and his career was in a bit of a lull, though his 1975 album Frampton had got to #32 in USA. 

However, he went down an absolute storm. A tremendous guitar player I always think he was playing Do You Feel Like We Do? when this was taken, his most superb riff and solo. 

Trower was riding on a career high in ‘75. Bridge of Sighs had made #7 in 1974 and 75's For Earth Below topped out at #5. Two brilliant records. 

Gary Wright had just released the Dream Weaver album which would go on to be a top 10 album and the title track a #2 in USA in 1976. Dave Mason released Split Coconut in 1975 which made #22.

Fleetwood Mac were riding high with their #1 self-titled album and everyone was falling in love with Stevie Nicks. Rhiannon has been a #11 hit earlier that year. 

So we can see just why this would’ve drawn a massive crowd.  

It was so successful that they did it again the next year with the same bands, minus Trower but with Quo and/or UFO.

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