Do you remember the first record you ever bought?

Do you remember the first record you ever bought?
Authored By John Nicholson
Do you remember the first record you ever bought? There's usually a lot of stretching of the truth because a naff single is most people’s choice of record. Mine was Manfred Mann’s Do Wah Diddy which my parents bought for little Johnny in the mid 60s. But as we know, that doesn't count because I didn’t buy it with my own money. So I had to wait until 1971 when I bought Best of Status Quo which I absolutely loved and which set me on the path to loving blues-rock.
Later, the first single I bought was by The Kinks, Supersonic Rocketship. I have a feeling it wasn’t my first choice. I did love Wings at the time, so it may have been something by them. Jet maybe.
Second purchase was in 1973 when I saved up and bought Band On The Run and then Tubular Bells which I first heard all the way through on Radio Luxembourg under the covers. Their chart was always more progressive than ours and I regularly tuned in through the medium wow and flutter. I remember they charted Roundabout by Yes at #28. The first song I’d heard by the band and it changed my life.
But back to records. There’s no doubt that the Status Quo album made me feel special, and that I loved the whole ritual of playing it. The crackle of the run-in groove. Sliding the record out and holding the record by the rim. That record changed my life and pointed me in a direction which I’m still walking to this day.

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