Genesis - The Silent Sun b/w That's Me

Genesis - The Silent Sun b/w That's Me
Authored By Johnny Blogger

Oh look it's 2nd February 1968 and prog rock hasn't even been invented yet but Tony Banks and Peter Gabriel have written a song to try and keep their manager and future jailbird Jonathan King interested in them (not in that way) It doesn't sound much like the future Genesis really and it hardly sells any copies whatsoever, despite being released on Decca, a major label. Indeed, it sold so few that the promo copies are worth about 10% less, presumably because more of them were pressed than official releases.

It's a pleasant enough record musically, but frankly, if you've got a copy, you're better off selling it and using the £400 for something which will give you much more pleasure. A nice pillow, perhaps, or 25 bottles of gin.


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