Gentle Giant Compilation

Gentle Giant Compilation
Authored By Johnny Blogger

Picked this excellent compilation up yesterday for £5.00. It's an Italian record and comes with a glossy 12-page booklet. The tracks are drawn from the first 4 Gentle Giant records - which are expensive to buy - so it's a very useful all killer, no filler compilation from a band that doesn't have a lot of easily collected compilation albums. The only other one you see is the 1976 release, 'First Five Years' but that's not a common record.
This 'Superstar' series that this part of is an interesting range of collectibles. There are about 40 of them and they all came out in 1982 as budget releases. Some are Italian artists but others are by The Who, John Mayall, Vangelis, Stones, Clapton, Genesis and many more.

I've got half a dozen and they're always made up of early tracks. They all have this type of cover so they're easy to spot in the bargain bins.

I have to confess to loving collecting compilation albums. I'll write a longer piece about it, at some point. But it's always a good way to get a flavour of a band's best work without having to go in search of deep cuts.

Anyway, look out for this series. You'll not be disappointed.

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