Isle of Wight and Atlanta Pop Festival - Triple Live Album

Isle of Wight and Atlanta Pop Festival - Triple Live Album
Authored By Johnny Blogger

This is a great triple live album. released in 1971 it serves as a great sampler for the bands of that era which regularly played on the festival circuit.

With4 sides recorded at Isle of Wight and2 at Atlanta, the breadth of music from folk to crushing heavy rock, is amazing.

At the time it was all 'rock music' and was all played by 'long hairs' which sort of meant it all got grouped together on records like this. I like the eclectic nature of it, in that regard. Everything seems to occupy a niche these days, but back in 1971 the industry was still inventing the marketing of rock music.

This isn't a collectible album in that, despite being a triple, it still only sells for £5-10. Compilations rarely command much money unless they're early blues ones of Blue Horizon or similar. But this is such an interesting set that if you see it, it's well worth picking up.

My favourite music is Mountain, Ten Years Afterand Johnny Winter -all of whom were on peak form in 1970, the Hendrix stuff you can get onhis dedicatedlive album from the festival.

You get over 2 hours of great music on this - and won't have to pay more than a fiver for it, in all likelihood - that's great value for money and you get a triple fold-out sleeve too. Result!

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