Jeff Beck and the Jan Hammer Group - Live

Jeff Beck and the Jan Hammer Group - Live
Authored By Dawn Rossiter

Jeff Beck is never far from my record player, not least because I have a theory that he practically invented heavy rock and blues rock with the Jeff Beck Group, then invented jazz-rock with Wired and Blow By Blow.

This is very much is the jazz pocket but, as ever, with Beck's unique tone and swooping dynamics. Time and time and time again he tears it up on the fretboard, going off on high speed frenetic solos that defy belief on tracks like Scatterbrain and Blue Wind. But then he does that quirky cover of the Beatles She's A Woman in which he makes it talkbox funk number. And Freeway Jam is classic Beck coaxing strange noises out of his guitar and duelling with Hammer.

Recorded on a US tour in 1976 with the Jan Hammer Group, it was his first live album outside of the brilliant BBA Japanese live record and peaked at #23 in USA.

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