Neil Young - Time Fades Away

Neil Young - Time Fades Away
Authored By Johnny Blogger

This is a hard-to-find vinyl record and Neil hated it so much he wouldn't even put it out on CD. But it's a wonderfully messy live album full of tired the-60s-are-so-over songs. It also has one of my favourite live album covers. It looks so of its time and I love the dude at the front throwing the peace sign. So of his time. A great TV programme would be locating everyone who ever appeared prominently on an album cover.

A copy with the lyric insert will set you back £25 for a mint copy - that's what Record Collector says but I think they've under-valued this. You just don't see many copies of this and when you do they tend to be nearer £40 for a clean copy of Neil Young -Time Fades Away

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