Not many have heard them...

Not many have heard them...
Authored By John Nicholson

If you’re a fan of the progressive rock genre, there’s a chance Illusion passed you by. They only made two albums and rose out of members of Renaissance, who also deserve your attention. Incidentally there is a psychedelic rock band of the same name from America. I had their debut, which got to #69. They supported all sorts of big names.
Back to Illusion. They were intended to be a reunion of the original line-up of Renaissance (whose second 1971 album was titled Illusion), but singer and guitarist Keith Relf died before the project was cohesive.
When they left Renaissance, after two albums,in 1971 Jane recorded many songs for use in commercials, including a promotional single "The Fishermen" for Findus Frozen Foods. She continued the band in 1977 after Keith's death; the wrong time to sell a prog rock album, with punk raging. 
Jane Relf was an ideal, almost ethereal singer for the band. They had classical overtones and made two classy albums, ‘Out Of The Mist’ and the self titled, ’Illusion’. They got very little attention, as you might expect in the late 70s, but the painting on the cover of the second release very much illustrates the almost pastoral nature of the music. 
Not many have heard them, neither album charted, but everyone who has finds the records very enjoyable and I love the cover of the second.

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