It’s not commercial but it is fantastic...

It’s not commercial but it is fantastic...
Authored By John Nicholson
I’ve just come in from the music room after listening to a double 10” Grateful Dead live record from1987, Victims of the Fury by Robin Trower and most remarkable of all, ‘ Another Live by Todd Rundgren and Utopia which is a remarkably eclectic live album and, I think one of the great unheralded live recordings. The fist side is sort of progressive rock with just 3 long numbers which shift and twist but are lyrically interesting: ‘Another Life’ and ‘The Seven Rays’, both cosmic thoughts delivered in a rock setting. 
The third track is ‘The Wheel’ a folky soul song about karma. A superb vocal performance. The second side is a few Todd favourites like the always anthemic ‘Just One Victory’ complete with a take-your-head-off solo, it’s so moving for me and the journey I've been on. It really is just one victory, and we’re on our way, and a gnarly, noisy version of ‘Heavy Metal Kids’ and some unusual covers. Like ‘Something’s Coming from West side Story' and ‘Do Ya’ by The Move.
It strikes me this is the sort of record, with one side of original material and one of weird covers and two classics, just wouldn’t be allowed now. It was released in 1975, so it’s not like Todd had a big hit album. It only got to #66 in America. No one made any money, it was a piece of artistry for its own sake.
We can only be grateful someone at Bearsville had the vision to release this. It’s not commercial but it is fantastic.

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