Palm Springs Pop Festival 1968

Palm Springs Pop Festival 1968
Authored By John Nicholson

An early example of what was actually merely a rock gig, attracting the ‘festival’ tag. Uniquely, at least as far as I know, in that it was held in a Drive-In Movie Theatre. Advertised as ‘An Out-Door Concert Under The Stars' at Sun Air Drive-In (movie theater), 68050 Highway 111, Cathedral City, outside Palm Springs, Riverside County, California 

For a mere $2.50 in advance, or $3 on the gate you got to see Eric Burdon and The Animals headline a bill that also included Blue Cheer, Sweetwater, The Collectors, and Dirty Blues Band. Lights were by the Picadilly Light Show. The festival, which was promoted by 'Gary Berwin Presents', started at 8:00pm.

There was a bigger, proper Palm Springs festival a year later, which was more controversial. This just slipped on through as another gig in the early rock firmament. 

About 40 years later Eric Burden moved to Palm Springs, finding that dry desert air to be good for his asthma. 

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