Pretty Things - S.F.Sorrow

Pretty Things - S.F.Sorrow
Authored By Johnny Blogger

One of rock's most important records, not just because it's a great piece of 60s psychedelia but for the influence it has cast on subsequent music, the Pretty Things S.F.Sorrow album is also one of rock's most collectible.

When this came out in 1968, the hey day of 60s R & B, which the Pretty things surfed had past and they simply were not very popular.

There were not many copies of this pressed to start with and the mono pressings are especially rare.

The first pressings are on the blue and black Columbia label and came in a gatefold sleeve. There are subsequent repressings but if you've got a copy of this it's worth £700. Even the stereo is valued at £400.

Time to look in the attic to see if you've got a copy of this stored away somewhere!

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