Queen - Keep Yourself Alive

Queen - Keep Yourself Alive
Authored By Johnny Blogger

Queen - Keep Yourself Alive/Son and Daugher.

Now listen here. It is my, admittedly non-authoritative view, that Keep Yourself Alive, being the first record Queen ever released, is the BEST record they ever released. It is a riff-a-rama of the first water, is not produced to within an inch of its sonic life and is the most driving song they ever made into 7" of pleasure. I loved it when I first heard it back in July 73 and though I especially adored Killer Queen too, I never lost my passion for their debut release.

Now worth £40, it seems as though the Queen collector market - which is huge - rates it highly too. That first single, unlike Seven Seas Of Rye, didn't sell many, so it's a collectors item. That being said, I've got a couple of copies of this and I find it hard to believe I'd get 40 notes for it. It just doesn't feel rare, even in the lovely picture sleeve. If you've got a demo copy, get ready for at least £300 thrown down your throat by some crazy Japanese collector. Someone is currently selling a Portuguese version for the best part of £1000. Good luck with that. Queen were released in so many different sleeves and formats, in so many different countries, that it makes being a completest collector both fascinating and almost impossible to keep up with, which is the whole point, I guess.


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