Quicksilver Messenger Service - Happy Trails

Quicksilver Messenger Service - Happy Trails
Authored By John Nicholson

Let's settle in and go back to 1969 for a big dose of Quicksilver Messenger Service. Recorded at both Fillmore East & West - though frustratingly it doesn't say which tracks are recorded where - Happy Trails is something of an acid rock classic, I guess. Their 25-minute long version of Who Do You Love, which is basically a two chord jam, has a quintessential late 60s vibe led by John Cippolina and Gary Duncan's guitar work.

This is one of those records which, when you put it on, you can still kind of feel yourself coming up on the drugs. A psychic muscle memory almost. Even though it is 35 years since I used to listen to this while on magic mushrooms, it still puts me in that frame of mind today. I can feel its echo.

It's one of those records which you either get or you don't. You either nod your head and understand what it's all about or you don't. It will either fit the shape of your brain or it won't. Not everyone wants to listen to meandering jams that last the better part of half an hour, however I most certainly do and so did a lot of people at the time as it peaked at an impressive #27 on the Billboard chart and an edited version of Who Do You Love crawled to #91 on the Hot 100. 

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