Rolling Stones - Aftermath

Rolling Stones - Aftermath
Authored By Johnny Blogger

When it comes to the Stones, all the first pressings of theearly records command big money and Aftermath is no exception. Released in 1966 in both mono and stereo,my copy here is the stereo version and, thisbeing 1966, that's the more rare version because most people were still listening on their oldDansette players and had no use for a stereo copy.

The standout tracks are Under My Thumb, Lady Jane and Mother's Little Helper, but to my ears, there's a lot of filler on it in a way that there wasn't on the Beatles release of the same year - Revolver, which remains surely their best record.

Anyway, if like me, you've got a Decca copy with matrix SKL 4786, it's now worth up to £125. My copy is probably half of that due to creasing and scuffage.

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