Spirit - Mechanical World

Spirit - Mechanical World
Authored By Johnny Blogger

This is Spirit's first single, released in 1968 and culled from their debut album. Interestingly, although Spirit were quite a left-field, psychedelic band, they sold well enough to make the top 40 album charts. The first record peaked at #31 but stayed on the charts fo 8 months. It was, on reflection, a document of the time. A soft, stoned, drifty kind of record.

Their second single I Got A Line On You was a big hit, but this one sold the square root of nothing, which makes it all the more remarkable that I picked this promo copy at a car boot sale in a field in Norfolk. I suspect it made its way over here via US service men and women at nearby Lakenheath.

That makes it a super-rare and collectible record.



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