Windfall Records

Windfall Records
Authored By Johnny Blogger

Windfall Records is an interesting label because it only ever released albums by Mountain. It existed from 1969 to 1974 and, perhaps even more oddly, was distributed by Bell, which more usually sold pop and soul music. In fact, in UK, you often find Mountain records on Bell, which makes me think that the Windfall label was an American only release. I'm a big Mountain fan and am trying to collect all their records from all territories.

Eventually Windfall was absorbed into CBS in the early 70s and subsequent Windfall releases came out on the Columbia label - which had also been hoovered up by CBS.

Pictured here is my demo copy of Mountain's 'To My Friend'. As you can see, the demos have all the usual colour on the label stripped out. This is one of the few demos I've ever seen on Windfall because it actually came out on Bell in Europe.

When you get a label like this, they're a good one to collect because it's all pretty well-documented and hard but not too hard to pick them all up.


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