Steppenwolf - The Second

Steppenwolf - The Second
Authored By Johnny Blogger

Easy to forget now just how huge the 'wolf were in late 60s America. This, their sophomore album, released in October 1968, climbed steadily up the Billboard charts, peaking at #3 in January '69.

It has to be one of their best albums, being a great blend of hard rock and psychedelics. Their hit single Magic Carpet Ride is featured on side 2. Best track title? Tighten Up Your Wig. Yeah, man. Who doesn't need a tight wig?

With a back cover photo by the legendary Henry Diltz and a pleasingly far-out cover, this is an essential late 60s album for any collection.

A UK mono copy in mint condition will set you back around £40, my copy here is a stereo issue and is worth about £15 - £20.

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