What is DJTees?

What is DJTees?
Authored By Johnny Blogger

"Ah... Good Old Classic Rock!"

To many of us, classic rock is Proper Rock. Sometimes old, sometimes new, but always great. It's about the vinyl records, the gigs, the instruments, the guitars, the venues, the festivals and, of course, it's about the t-shirts as well.
DJTees is a celebration of all things classic rock, past, present and future. It's our life blood. That's why you'll find Johnny's huge number of history of classic rock articles alongside all our original t-shirts.
We are no mere off-the-shelf, mass-produced merchandise purveyor and frankly, we don't even mind if you don't buy a t-shirt, because when all is said done, t-shirts or no t-shirts, it's all about the music. It's the music that matters. It's the music that will survive.
Rock on!

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