Alan Parsons Project Box Set

Alan Parsons Project Box Set
Authored By Johnny Blogger

The music of former Pink Floyd producer has never been hip or fashionable. He began putting out APP albums just as punk and new wave was breaking and there is nothing less punk or new wave than APP.

They were criticized for their prog-lite, poppyness but regardless of this, the records kept on charting, often into the top 20 on both sides of the Atlantic and to this day attract a very loyal army of fans.

Turn Of A Friendly Card is my favourite but these four along with Eye In The Sky are the pinnacle of the music they produced. They even did an album called Ammonia Avenue, named after a street in Billingham in my homeland of Teesside.

This box set is a bit of a car boot classic and turns up a lot of £5. If you see it you should certainly pick it up. They're exquisite sounding records - as you would expect from Parsons - and have lost of none of their charm in the last 35 or more years.

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