Taj Mahal - The Natch'l Blues

Taj Mahal - The Natch'l Blues
Authored By Johnny Blogger

Released in 1968, this is Taj's Mahal's (real name Henry Saint Clair Fredericks)second solo album and of the late 60s and early 70s period, it is, to my ears, the best he did. It features Al Kooper on piano too, which is never a bad thing. This was modern blues for 1968. It has soul to it and a raw, gruff edge that makes it seem modern by 2016 standards too. I guess that means it's timeless. It's an important record because it is a leaping off point for the blues and R & B rock music that would be produced in the coming 30 years.

This is a UK copy on the yellow Direction label. I picked this up at a car boot for £3 but you'd have to pay £30 for it in a decent record shop.

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