David Gilmour - The Brilliant Debut Solo Record

David Gilmour - The Brilliant Debut Solo Record
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It's a busy couple of months for David Gilmour with a new album out and a tour including 5 nights at the Albert Hall. He's been all over the radio promoting 'Rattle That Lock' including interviews on 6 Music, Planet Rock and Radio 2. Not bad for a 69-year old, who, all things considered is still looking pretty good. It's a splendid album full of trademark Gilmour guitar licks and tone, along with his distinctive vocals.
All of 4 of his solo albums (and the live in Gdansk record too)have been of a high standard going back to 1978's eponymous album which is something of a lost classic.

Reaching 17 in UK and just 29 in USA, it was quite quickly dismissed at the time, partly because the music press at the time was obsessed with punk and new wave and Gilmour's record just seemed, in that context, old-fashioned.

I could never understand that and remember hearing it at the time, thinking it was a new Floyd record. Maybe it lacked the consistent lyrical bite of a Pink Floyd record but it was, nonetheless, a lovely piece of music with some fine songs on.

The only single from it was There's No Way Out of Here, a song which was originally recorded by Unicorn for their 1976 album Too Many Crooks, which Gilmour produced.

That track could easily be a Pink Floyd number and indeed, others on the album hint at near-future songs such as Comfortably Numb and Run Like Hell. The guitar solos are minor epics in themselves and still satisfy all these years later.
The shadow of genius that Floyd cast has put the record in the shade for far too long. Had it been produced by someone without the legacy of music he had already created, it would surely have been hailed as a minor classic. Worth noting also that a mint copy is now valued at £15.00

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