Fairport Convention - Live Convention

Fairport Convention - Live Convention
Authored By John Nicholson
This was recorded in 1974 in Sydney Opera House, the London Rainbow and the Fairfield Halls, Croydon.
Is Swarb on the inside sleeve, sitting on the step of Sydney Opera House and smoking a fag? Of course he is. They were a proper raggle taggle bunch at this point and none the worse for that. Here they do some energetic performances of tracks from their previous four albums. Stand out is rip roaring version of Matty Groves. Sloth and Dirty Linen are also steaming, with Swarb cooking up a storm on the fiddle. There's an interesting cover of a Dylan Song, Down in the Flood. Sandy Denny delivering the goods, as ever.
Their commercial period was over by this time and their albums didn't chart any more, consequently some albums of this period are overlooked but this is probably their best live - though the LA Troubadour show pushes it close.

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