Guns n' Roses - Appetite For Destruction

Guns n' Roses - Appetite For Destruction
Authored By John Nicholson

Here's a funny thought, out there somewhere will be people who have never heard this album. Seems impossible doesn't it, but they'll be out there.

If you want to feel old, just remember that this is now 31 years old!

It took 49 weeks to climb the USA charts to #1, after debuting at #182. It's now supposedly sold over 30 million but I expect we'll never really know for sure. It always seems that the best selling records true sales numbers get lost in the admin.

It was #5 in UK and top ten in most European countries, though France only put it at #166!

I remember hearing Sweet Child O Mine for the first time in the City Tavern in Newcastle which by then had taken to showing videos on a massive screen. By the time Slash opens up the wah-wah I was a huge fan. Looking back on it now, it doesn't sound like a typical 1987 album. It's harder and less shiney. It felt new but somehow classic from the first moment.

And though it is so familiar 31 years later. It still satisfies. My copy - of which I have 2 - is the original artwork and thus makes it a little more collectable.  

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